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Explore Our Luxurious Fleet

We provide you with the flexibility to select the perfect aircraft for every flight. With our fleet, you will find the aircraft for your individual trip, whether for business or pleasure. Compare our variety of jets with new aircraft added constantly, please don’t hesitate to call with any questions.

Every jet in our fleet is ready to please whether you’re looking for an intimate romantic getaway, family trip, or are hosting a business meeting we’ve got a jet that’s perfect for your needs.

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Challenger 601

Space and service are key advantages of our Premier Challenger Jet which provides the ultimate comfort with added space and an experienced flight attendant to meet your every need.

Check out some of our most popular jets below, or contact us if you need help selecting the perfect one!

The Space and Service You Need!

Our Mid-Large jets offer added space and luxury with our widest cabin cross-section of any business jet for an extra spacious feel for comfortable travel. Featuring a fully equipped galley with room for preparing and serving food and drinks, as well as a full-size lavatory.

The Challengers 601 are configured for twelve passengers. These aircraft offer a non-stop range for any US city as well as Hawaii, with a single fuel stop ranging from 2,500 to 2,800 miles. It can fly to altitudes as high as 41,000 feet and at speeds of up to 528 mph.

Citation X

Offering the perfect combination of comfort and performance, featuring the spaciousness of a cabin that provides plenty of room for 8 passengers, with the convenience of stand-up cabin space making movement easy during your flight.

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Unparalleled Performance and Comfort!

Our Mid-size jets provide both efficiency and spacious  cabins. This magnificent midsize jet offers you the benefit of speed with amid comfort and luxury. A Citation X jet can seat up to 8 passengers and has plenty of storage for carry-on luggage.

Produced by an American-based Aircraft Company Cessna and powered by two Rolls-Royce engines. These jets are currently the fastest civilian aircraft.

Cessna Citation CJ

Light private jets are generally considered the most cost-effective option. The CJ Jet offers great performance, comfort and flexibility.

Check out some of our most popular jets below, or contact us if you need help selecting the perfect one!

The Simple Cost-Effective Choice!

Our light jets are the ideal choice for those seeking an option that is both modern and cost-effective. while still providing superior reliability and efficiency.

Our light jets are the ideal solution for destinations with short runways, where only small jets can land. The amenities of the CJ cabin include recliner club seating that can be arranged around two executive foldout tables, allowing for business meetings or otherwise making the most of passengers’ time onboard.

At Premier Air Charter, we understand how important it is to maximize your travel time.

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